The Concert Hall Lighting project is a task being funded through Western Washington University’s Sustainable Action Fund. It will reduce the University’s environmental impact by replacing the incandescent lights in the Performing Arts Center Concert Hall with cutting edge, high efficiency LED lighting.


The Concert Hall is utilized by Western students and faculty daily. As a primary venue for classes and events including departmental performances, student and faculty recitals, graduation ceremonies, and productions from within the community and beyond, the lights are well-used and these LED upgrades will dramatically reduce electric consumption.

The idea of upgrading the lighting in the campus Performing Arts Center had been in the back of Lon Butcher’s mind (former Technical Director of the College of Fine and Performing Arts) for a few years. Teaming up with former students Jon Bash and Hannah Fenske in 2013, we combined his vision of reducing electric consumption and enhancing the performance options of the hall with funds awarded from the Green Energy Fee Grant program to increase student involvement and campus engagement, and to reduce the University’s environmental impact. With these combined efforts and aspirations we were able to form a proposal for a project called the Performance Hall Overhaul. It is now called the Concert Hall Lighting Project to reflect the focus on upgrading the lighting exclusively in the Concert Hall, and the Green Energy Fee grant program has recently changed its name to the Sustainable Action Fund. Over these last couple of years the Concert Hall Lighting Project has grown, evolved and it is expected to be finished in January 2016.

The project directly aligns with the Sustainability Action Fund’s mission because upgrading these incandescent lights will reduce the facility’s electric consumption by a significant amount, cutting back wattage counts, bills, lightbulb replacement materials, and repair resources. At the same time it will enhance the performance space’s lighting capabilities, with better controls, color-changing options, and heat emission reduction, all for the benefit of student and community performers and productions, professors and guest speakers, and their audiences. It increases student involvement by creating a sustainable performance environment that serves the students it accommodates, involves students in the the proposal and production process, and will be used by student performers, musicians, lecture classes, AS Pop Production events, departmental events, graduation ceremonies, and more. These upgrades will serve as a model for other performance spaces–local and beyond–hoping to reduce their electric consumption and improve their sustainability, as well as inspire students to take measures of their own to make the switch from incandescent to LED use in their daily lives.

Please browse around this blog site, and follow the updates as the project is happening! Also, check in to the wonderful SAF program. We hope you are inspired by this project to think of new project ideas that will help reduce WWU’s environmental impact. Thank you for checking in and we are looking forward to the completion of this project!


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